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It’s just not Christmas without Christmas lights. They make everything more festive and fun.

Christmas Lights can also be a lot of work. Running to the store & fighting crowds to get low-quality Christmas lights that may or may not work is a hassle. Don’t even get us started on the job that is untangling and repairing the lights you may already be lucky enough to have.

When all that is said and done, you’ve still got to get on the ladder and install them – which is time-consuming, tiring and often dangerous. Once installed, a little wind or rain may tear your Christmas lights down and allow you to relive the experience all over again. At the end of it all, when the Christmas is over, it’s time to take them down and find a place to store them until you get to do this all again next Christmas.

Is this how you want to spend your time this Christmas?

Give yourself a gift this year, and call No Fuss Lights at 281.809.7021 for design consultation and pricing options on professional Christmas lighting installation.

No Fuss Lights has built its business by providing first class service at fair prices! No Fuss lights offers:

  • Design – Expert advice from professionals who have seen it all before!
  • Install – Custom installation of top-quality bulbs and supplies by lighting professionals.
  • Maintain – Burnt out bulbs and wind-blown displays are fixed with 24 hours.
  • Remove – We take the lights and debris, not the gutters and shrubs.
  • Store – We individually make each stand for your house and store them away for next year, at no cost to you.

Landscape Lighting: Tips and Ideas

Take a look at your front and back yards. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

They’re pretty nice, right? Do you know how you can improve their appearance even more? With some well-placed landscape lighting.

Maybe you’ve never thought about illuminating your property beyond your front and back door. You may not even know where you would start if you had to place light fixtures in your yard. No worries – No Fuss Lights has some suggestions to kickstart your imagination.

  • Think about the three outdoor lighting layers: overhead, task, and ambient. Overhead is the primary illumination so you can see the actual space (and where you’re going). Task is for discrete spots like barbecues, seating areas, outdoor bars, and other places where you may need additional light to perform a specific function. And ambient is designed to add the overall aesthetically-pleasing glow to any space.
  • Envision “outdoor rooms.” With walls inside a home, space separation for lighting purposes takes care of itself. But outside, try to picture where people may congregate (or where you might want to spend time alone, like by a pond or in a garden) and configure your lights to illuminate that space.
  • Use “hooded” lights. In many instances, simply placing a light can produce unwanted glare from one or more angles. That’s why certain types of landscape lighting (especially for paths and walkways) use “hooded” lights, which direct all of the brightness downward onto the ground.
  • Decorate for an “inside view.” When you’re not outdoors enjoying your landscape lighting, you may want to sit by your window and admire your illuminated yard. Keep that in mind when placing and setting up outdoor lights.

The experienced professionals at No Fuss Lights have lots of great ideas on how to make your outdoor space even brighter and more spectacular. Give them a call today at 281-809-7021 and a lighting specialist will come to your home – so you can pick his brain and get a free estimate for landscape lighting in your yard.

The Safety and Security of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting for your home can be both beautiful and practical. Certainly, installing various types of lights can better illuminate the plants, trees, flowers, lawn ornaments, and seating areas in your front or back yard; thereby making the entire area more attractive. But the presence of landscape lighting can also keep your family and guests safer and more secure.

The more exterior light you have around your home, the harder it is for a thief or other intruder to enter your property unseen. A well-lit yard means fewer hiding spots for would-be burglars or trespassers, especially in areas near windows and doors. This means added peace of mind for the people who live in or are visiting your home.

Also, landscape lighting improves the safety of everyone who is walking on the property at night. After all, the average home exterior is fraught with plenty of dangers like steps, stairs, cement cracks, uneven ground, and other tripping hazards. But outdoor illumination helps people see where they are going and avoid falling or bumping into other objects.

Because exterior lights boost safety and security, outdoor spaces can be used to entertain throughout the night (and early morning, if you prefer!). You needn’t retreat indoors to have a relaxing conversation in a well-lit atmosphere, and your guests won’t worry about unsafe conditions – or unscrupulous interlopers.

No Fuss Lights provides all types of landscape lighting for any size home or business. So if you are looking for a way to improve both the appearance and the security of your property, call No Fuss Lights today at 281-809-7021 to speak with a landscape lighting professional. You’ll love the results!

No Fuss Lights Partners with Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

You probably already know about No Fuss Lights and our expertise in hanging Christmas lights throughout the Houston area. Perhaps you’ve even seen our handiwork at a wedding, outdoor party, or similar occasion at a residence, business, or event center around town. And to all of our customers, we thank you for your business!

That said, 2014 will be remembered as an important year in the growth of No Fuss Lights. We’re proud to announce that No Fuss Lights is now a part one of the premier annual attractions in the city: the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

No Fuss Lights has partnered with RCS, a company which helps put on HLS&R-related events, to provide outdoor lighting for the Carnival area of Reliant Park. No Fuss Lights has entered into a multi-year agreement with RCS to wrap numerous trees in white lights. Not only do these beautifully-lit trees add to the unique ambiance that makes up the Carnival, but it also illuminates a previously-dark area, which improves the safety of everyone attending the festivities.

The Carnival is home to the popular rides, midway games, and unique food and drink stands that attract hundreds of thousands of people every year. In addition, the Carnival hosts livestock shows, rodeo events, and even the famous World Championship Barbecue Contest.

Obviously, everyone at No Fuss Lights is delighted to be lighting part of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. However, we are committed to providing the same great level of service and quality to every client, whether they’re a homeowner, private business, or world-famous citywide event. So if you need landscape lighting, party lights, or any other type of illumination, be sure to call No Fuss Lights at 281-809-7021 to set up a free, no-obligation appointment. And be sure to visit the 2014 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

Lights for Halloween? A Frightfully Good Idea!

Sure, it’s a great idea to hand Christmas lights on your property during the holiday season. They’re also appropriate for parties, weddings, or other outdoor events any time of year. But what about putting up lights for Halloween?

Think about it. A few strands of orange-colored outdoor lights could add an extra facet to your Halloween decorations. Your home would appear even more festive as all of the kids visited your home while trick-or-treating. Or they’d be ideal as part of your decorations for a Halloween party for older kids – or adults! Plus, having a brightly lit home during Halloween would also add a degree of safety for people who are out and about on Halloween night.

Of course, you don’t have to string all those lights up on your own if you don’t want to. Why not call in the professionals at No Fuss Lights to do it?

No Fuss Lights will provide the same high-quality, personalized service for your Halloween lighting needs as they will for your Christmas outdoor displays. Whether it’s a standard lighting arrangement or something a little more complex and unique, No Fuss Lights will provide you with a design plan and all of the equipment necessary to build your Halloween scene. And as always, they’ll use energy-efficient LED lights and won’t make you purchase complicated timers, outlets, or other infrastructure products.

So if you wanted your home to be the brightest or scariest one on the block when Halloween rolls around, why not let No Fuss Lights lend a hand with you outdoor lighting needs? Call them at 281-809-7021or visit them online at

No Fuss Lights and your Electrical Structure

You’ve undoubtedly seen some of those majestically bright but colossally complex Christmas light displays. Maybe some of them are even in your own neighborhood. Perhaps there’s a part of you who yearns to show off your home in a similar manner throughout the holiday season. But then you think Yeah, but imagine the electricity bill I’d have to pay – plus, it would probably overload my electrical system.

Well, think again.

If you want a Christmas light display that all of your friends, neighbors, and even passersby will be amazed by, No Fuss Lights is the Holiday Lighting Company to call. Their experienced designers can help you create a yuletide scene that is as big as your imagination.

And here’s the best part: you won’t need to make major changes to your electricity infrastructure! That’s right – no need to put in additional outlets, install new breakers, or buy intricate Christmas light timer systems. Plus, you won’t be shelling out buckets of cash to pay for your utility bills.

Why? First of all, No Fuss Lights utilizes LED technology, which requires a fraction of the power needed to illuminate incandescent lights. That’s why LED lights are not only more energy-efficient, but also safer because they don’t emit nearly as much heat as their incandescent counterparts. No Fuss Lights offers the highest quality LED bulbs available on the market today.

No Fuss Lights offers an exclusive LED product line comprised of materials that are guaranteed to outperform any incandescent bulb on the market.

Before you protest by saying, “But LEDs look green or have a bluish tint,” we promise you that ours don’t. We are so confident in our commercial-grade LED white C9 bulbs that we offer a free change-out program to customers who don’t agree. That’s right – if you are unhappy with the look of our LED products, then we will return to your home and replace them with the old-style incandescent bulbs at no cost!

Again, No Fuss Lights will never ask you to purchase extra breaker boxes, or other fancy add-ons that other installers may sneak into your package. No Fuss Lights can power holiday light displays of any size easily and reliably using LED light sets – without tripping your breakers or posing a fire hazard to your property. Plus, if an incandescent Christmas light bulb is hot to the touch and can even burn skin, why would you want to line the roof of your home with something so potentially dangerous? Remember, LED C9 bulbs require 90% less electricity – and stay cool to the touch!

So why not give No Fuss Lights a call today at 281-809-7021, or visit them online at Maybe this can be the year where everybody talks about your Christmas light installation.

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