Landscape Lighting: Tips and Ideas

Take a look at your front and back yards. Go ahead. We’ll wait. They’re pretty nice, right? Do you know how you can improve their appearance even more? With some well-placed landscape lighting. Maybe you’ve never thought about illuminating your property beyond your front and back door. You may not even know where you would… Continue reading »

The Safety and Security of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting for your home can be both beautiful and practical. Certainly, installing various types of lights can better illuminate the plants, trees, flowers, lawn ornaments, and seating areas in your front or back yard; thereby making the entire area more attractive. But the presence of landscape lighting can also keep your family and guests… Continue reading »

LED Retrofits For Outdoor Lighting is Green

Green is a very good color for homeowners, residential complexes, and businesses. They try to do all they can to save some “greenbacks;” but they also want to help out the environment as well. Here’s the good news: retrofitting your outdoor or landscape lighting fixtures with LED lamps and bulbs can help you achieve both… Continue reading »

Need Lights For Your Landscaping? No Fuss Lights Can Help!

If you have a green thumb, there’s a good chance that you have spent countless hours and/or a significant amount of money to create your ideal outdoor space. Whether your landscaping consists of bushes, trees, and flower beds or incorporates other elements like walls, pavers, rock, and water features, your landscaping reflects your own personal… Continue reading »

Landscape Lighting Done Right!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words………. Let paint the perfect picture of your home aimed at truly enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal. Like a great candid photo, your custom lighting design will have depth and personality. It will create dramatic street side statements, an inviting entry for guests, and a… Continue reading »

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