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No Fuss Lights – Your Christmas Lighting Specialists

Give yourself a gift this year, and call No Fuss Lights! No Fuss Lights – Your Christmas Lighting Specialists based in Houston, TX. We offer custom Christmas lighting design, installation, maintenance, removal and storage. In addition to lights, we also offer wreaths, ribbons, ornaments and a large selection of lawn displays.

“…absolutely floored at your creation…”

We pulled up in the RV and the kids, my, wife, and I were absolutely floored at your creation. GREAT STUFF man..!!! Just gorgeous…!! Thank you very much… I bet this house is the hit of Bellaire this year!!!! The tree is awesome, all lights incredible, just all around first class job.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Think about it: the holidays are over, you’re trying to get back into a routine and start the new year off on the right foot, it’s cold, and you’ve got your eye on college bowl games, the NFL playoffs, and Rockets’ games. The last thing you want to do is get on the roof, unhook lights, wrap up displays, wind up light cords, and stow them away in the attic again.

When Your Christmas Lights Go Out

Here’s some good news: if you call No Fuss Lights to put up your Christmas display, you don’t have to stress about burned-out bulbs. Because if you notice any lights that aren’t working for any reason, No Fuss Lights will come to your home to fix the problem within 24 hours. That’s their promise to you.

Do Your Christmas Lights Short Out?

We’ve found that one of the most common causes of Christmas lights shorting out is the improper use of an indoor lamp cord with a three-way splitter on the exterior of the house. Usually, this setup leaves at least one female socket exposed to the weather and elements – which can cause all of the lights connected to that power source to short out.

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